Industrial Deodorizer


Industrial Deodorizer achine is a vertical cylindrical pressure vessel having several compartments, entirely made out of different grades of Stainless Steel.  

We are the leading Industrial Deodorizer Manufacturers in India. 

The Machine uses chemical destruction or odor neutralization mechanism to destruct the foul odor. 

Essential oils and fragrances in neutralizing products give many substances that can react with malodorous components.

The equipment is used for Deodorizing, the final stage in vegetable oil refining. 

It removes odoriferous material, free fatty acids, and other undesired minor components to produce a bland oil with a good shelf life.


    1. Horizontal Deodorizer
    2. Vertical Deodorizer
    3. Double shell Deodorizer


  1. Heating compartment
  2. Deodorizing compartment
  3. Hear exchange economizer for all three stages
  4. Scrubber
  5. Central chimney

We are the Industrial Deodorizer Manufacturers with Robust & sturdy design to work under a very high vacuum of 1 Torr


  1. The feed liquid is put to heat to the required temperature ( above the boiling point of the odor creating substance wanting to eliminate) in the heating compartment of the pressure vessel using indirect heat transfer mechanism. 
  2. We maintain the temperature by stripping steam to remove odor, creating substance in the Deodorising chamber in all three stages. 
  3. We use indirect heat transfer mechanism to exchange heat from the outgoing hot liquid to incoming cold liquid in the heat economizer.
  4. The vapors of odor creating substances are scrubbed & condensed to the liquid stage for easy odor removal in the further steps.
  5. The central chimney collects gases from different compartments of the deodorizing equipment & connects all the chambers to the vacuum.
  • Non Toxic, made from the naturally available compounds and essential oil
  • Biodegradable thus keeping the environment pollution free.
  • Effective over wide range of process condition
  • Municipal dumping grounds
  • Industrial Solid waste management areas
  • Industry using mercaptant, pyridine, solvents as raw material
  • Foul smell arising out of Effluent plant, aeration tank & sludge disposal area.