Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter

Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter

The Horizontal Leaf Filter consists of a cylindrical pressure vessel closed on both ends with dishes.

We are the leading Pressure Leaf Filter Manufacturers in India.

All the filter elements are placed in a vertical position on a standard filtrate header at uniform spacing inside the pressure vessel.


  1. Shell Retractable design  
  2. Filter element Bundle Retractable design

The filter works on the latest technology of the Plate & Frame Filter Press Mechanism.


  1. The mixture of solids & liquids is fed into the pressure vessel. 
  2. The filtration takes place on both the sides of the filter element 
  3. The Solids gets retained outside the filter element
  4. The Clear liquids pass through the filter element and get collected in the common filtrate header.

Types of discharges 

  1. Dry cake discharge 
  2. Slurry cake discharge
  3. Wet cake discharge


  1. The Quick opening of our Filters is equipped with an electrohydraulic auto wedge locking mechanism, which drastically reduces the processing’s substantial workforce involvement.
  2. Our Leaf Filter is supplied with a Free Floor Standing structure with a robust & sturdy design.

Cake holding capacity – 75 liters – 5000 liters

Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter
Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter
  • Pharmaceuticals: Bulk Drugs & Intermediates​
  • Pollution: Dewatering of the Sludges​
  • Edible Oil: wax, Winterisation Nickel Catalyst​​
  • Chemicals & Fertilizers: Molten Sulphur, Specialty Chemicals​