Herbal Extraction Plant

Herbal extraction plant
Herbal extraction plant

Herbal Extraction Plant processing is an intricate process comprising of complex organic compounds.

Our Herbal Extraction Plant design team ensure that we manufacture high-quality Plant Equipment with cost-effectiveness & increased output for our clients.

We design Custom technology for various Natural Extracts from parts of plants or trees like leaves, flowers, seeds, barks, roots, and shrubs. Our team of highly experienced technocrats focuses on the high recovery of extracts at the low downtime and a low operational cost in line with the GMP standards.

The plants are specialty processes that are different from other types of extraction systems.

Our team of experts put together all your manufacturing needs and design a state of art natural extraction plant to meet your manufacturing goals in an economical & innovative way. 

Equipment used in the process 

  1. Extractor cum filter De-solventizer
  2. Solvent storage tank
  3. Solvent circulation pump
  4. Miscella storage tank
  5. Solvent separation reactor & Much more

The material of Construction :
Contact parts: SS 304/MS
Non Contact Parts: MS painted

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  1. State of art design & execution of your plant
  2. Maximum output capacity
  3. Assured returns on capital investment
  4. Innovative automation technology

  1. Essential oils
  2. Resins
  3. Food colours
  4. Chemical separation & much more