Heat Exchanger

Heat exchanger

Heat Exchanger is a device that transfers heat from one medium to another—used in both heating & cooling processes.

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Heat is transferred by conduction through the exchanger materials, which separate the mediums being used.

The monitoring of this equipment is by tracking the overall heat transfer coefficient that declines over time due to fouling.

There are three primary classifications of this equipment, depending on the heat flows.


 1. Shell & tube

 2. Plate

 3. Air-cooled

Factors that we consider before designing this system :

  • Primary circuit fluid type, temperature, and flow rate (usually the hot fluid)
  • What you want to take out of the primary circuit (Heat dissipation or a target outlet temperature)
  • Secondary circuit fluid type, temperature, and flow rate (usually the coolant)
  • Temperature differential.
  • Flow rate
  • Installation 
Heat exchanger