Drum Dryer


Drum dryer is the Industrial Dryer Machine used in for drying a variety of products.

We are leading Industrial Dryer Manufacturers in India.

In a drying operation, we apply liquid, slurry, or puree material as a thin layer onto the outer surface of revolving drums that are internally heated by steam.

After three-quarters of revolution from the point of feeding, the product is dried and removed with a static scraper.

The dried product is ground into flakes or powder.

Drum drying is one of the most energy-efficient drying methods and is particularly useful for drying high viscous liquid or pureed foods.

In the drum-drying process, we dry the pureed raw ingredients at relatively low temperatures over-rotating, high-capacity drums that produce sheets of drum-dried products.

  • This product is milled to a complete flake or powder form. Modern drum drying techniques result in dry ingredients that reconstitute immediately and retain much of their original flavor, color, and nutritional value.
  • The products have suitable porosity and hence proper rehydration due to boiling evaporation.
  • Drum dryers can dry very viscous foods, such as pastes and gelatinized or cooked starch, which cannot be quickly dried with other methods.
  • Drum dryers usually have high energy efficiency.
  • Drum drying can be clean and hygienic.
  • Drum dryers are easy to operate and maintain.
  • The dryers are flexible and suitable for multiple but small quantity production.

Some products may not form a good film on the drum surface and are not suitable for drum drying.

  • Modified Starch
  • Gelatins Milk
  • Food Products
  • 12HS, HCO
  • Conversion of Liquids into Solids
  • Milk products
  • Baby foods
  • Breakfast cereal
  • Fruit and vegetable pulp
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Cooked starch
  • Spent yeast

Capacity: 500 to 5000 kgs per hour

Material of construction:

  • SS316
  • SS304
  • CSHP