Centrifuge Filter

Centrifuge filter

Industrial Centrifuge Filter consists of a basket in which mixture of solids, liquids or combination of two liquids is separated into its constituents by the action of a centrifugal force

Types of Industrial Centrifuge Filter baskets :

  1. Imperforated basket
  2. Perforated basket

Imperforated basket removes the liquid through a skimming tube while the solid particles sediment to the wall.

Perforated basket passes out the liquid through the holes.

Most Centrifuges on the principle of centrifugal force, which is created when a device rotates at high speeds on a fixed axis.
Industrial Centrifuges offers a different option for those wanting to process solids from liquids.
Centrifuges can be more expensive and harder to maintain that drum filters but do have different benefits when compared with rotary drum filters.

The Material of Construction of Centrifugal Machine :

Liquid contact parts – SS304, SS316, SS316LNon-liquid contact parts – Carbon steel with epoxy paint

Centrifuge filter
Centrifuge filter
  1. Compact Design occupying little floor space.
  2. Handling slurries with high proportion of solids.
  3. The final product  has low moisture content compared to Filter cake of a same material
  1. Batch processing
  2. Considerable labour cost of production.
  • Clarification of Fruit Juices
  • Clarification of Liquids
  • Oil – water
  • Oil – Soap,
  • Lime Juice
  • Lime Oil